Some times it is easier to keep track of the third-party libraries in your project with help of the source control system. If the library has too many files it can be little complex to upgrade it. You are going to get some new files, you have to delete some old files and you should replace some existing files with the new one. Doing this while using Perforce as version control system is something that I am forgetting every time. So I am going to register it here.

For example if you have the recommended ”jre” for running your application under Perforce,  you should upgrade it as below.

  1. Open the ”jre” folder under Perforce in Windows File explorer.
  2. Right click on it and uncheck the read-only check box. Press OK.
  3. Delete all files and folders under the ”jre” folder.
  4. Copy files and folders from the new ”jre” folder to the empty ”jre” folder under Perforce.
  5. Open Perforce (P4V) with your workspace. Run refresh on the ”jre” folder.
  6. right click on the ”jre” folder in Perforce and choose ”reconcile offline work”.
  7. You should see a Windows like below. Click on reconcile and submit your changelist.


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